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A Typical CIP Process

Sanitization and Sterilization is done daily before resuming production


  1. Take sufficient quantity of soft water in CIP tank.
  2. Add required quantity sod. Hypo. Chloride solution in
        CIP tank containing soft water.
  3.  Now start CIP pump.
  4. Let the chlorine solution go into both tank through
    CIP line.
  5. Solution will go from top through CIP volume which
    distributes solution in entire tank.
  6. Check the available chlorine.
  7. Chlorine (free) should be 10-15 PPM.
  8. If %age of chlorine is less then add more hypo
    chloride solution till required strength of chlorine is
    achieved in water.
  9. Start feed pump and pass solution through sand filter,
    all micron filters, Ozone contact column etc.. and then
    filling machine.
  10. Hold this solution at least for 30 minutes and can be
    extended to overnight.
  11. Drain out the solution from the whole system.
  12. Take fresh water and remove the chlorine of storage
  13. After removing chlorine traces from storage tank, fill
    with fresh bore well water.
  14. Remove the chlorine traces from each points upto
    filling machine by flushing with fresh water.

To check the residual chlorine use chlorotex reagent.


  1. Steam is generated by boiler.
  2. Soft water which is produced by softner is used in
    boiler to generate steam.
  3. This, steam is supplied in both storage tank, break
    tank, bore well line and pipe lines upto filling
  4. Continue the steam supply in tanks till attains required
    temp. (un-bearable when touched).
  5. Continue the steam supply to filling machine till
    steam comes out from all rinsing and filling nozzle of
  6. Stop steam supply and disconnect the hose pipe.
  7. Rinse the whole system with fresh water.