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Boiler chemical

Swapna enterprises are the supplier of Boiler Chemical. Our Boiler chemical is developed with the latest filming amine-based technology.

It is a combination of Polyamine film forming compound, Neutralizing Amine, Alkalising Amine, a Complexing agent, Oxygen Scavenger & Dispersing Agent.

Although Works as a sludge conditioner, scale inhibitor, oxygen scavenger maintaining the alkalinity of the Boiler Water for low and medium pressure boilers. It forms strong barriers of Aliphatic Fatty Amine on ferrous & non-ferrous amine.

We have An Eco-friendly way to solve multiple problems of Boilers having low and medium pressure with a filming amine based single chemical.


  • Boiler Treatment Chemical
  • Low Pressure Boiler Chemical
  • Filming Amine Based 3 in 1 Chemical
  • Medium Pressure Boiler Chemical
  • Boiler Antiscalent Chemical
  • Scale Control & Sludge conditioner
  • Antiscalent
  • Boiler Descaling Chemical (boiler chemical cleaning)
  • Descalent chemical
  • Silica Inhibitor / Remover
  • Most Economical
  • Prevents Scaling
  • Good dispersant
  • It inhibits deposition as well as corrosion both for boiler water system.
  • Also protects the system under abnormal condition due to the ingress of acid, Hardness slippage, high
  • Oxygen slippage from De-aerator.
  • can be used in all conditions & convenient to handle
  • Reduces the plant shut down time
  • offers multi protection with a single chemical.
  • Universal use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Economics
  • Is most economical as compared to other products available in the market as a single product is doing multifunction.
  • The quantity required is at P. P. M. level hence very economical.
  • It maintains the pH of Boiler Water.
  • The high thermal conductivity of Amine film & clean surface of heat transfer area of boiler saves Energy.
  • Increases the life of the Boilers and saves a considerable amount of money by keeping the boilers
  • maintenance free for long periods.
  • low in price


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